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Dr. Karen Shiu is a chiropractor I recommend strongly. She is exceptionally patient-focused where others might run through standard routine with every patient , she totally individualizes treatment. She listens and treats appropriately.

I also value her holistic approach. She considers and treats the entire body, understanding that your knee or your elbow or whatever, is interconnected with the whole body.

Dr. Shiu has helped me recover from 2 injuries and I feel better for days after each visit.
— N Steele Founder of Media Impact
Dr. Karen is the first and only Chiropractor I know that not only treats; but educates you while performing physical therapy. With over 9 years of back pain and seeing my share of experts, Dr. Karen is all about having your health as her focal point.
— Philip K Engineering Designer at Con Edison
For 2 month I was not able to move my finger. After learning I suffered from a “Pulley Tendon Injury” Dr. Karen was able to restore my full range of motion within a week.
— Headian Plummer Electrical Engineer
Dr. Shiu knew exactly what was triggering my pains, she had me moving freely in a week, which no other Doctor was able to do in a year. She truly is a blessing to me.
I can’t thank her enough for changing my life to a happier, painless, and healthier one! She went far and beyond for me, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
— Linsey Van ESQ
Dr Karen has been with me through 6 marathons, I don’t think I could do it without her. She keeps me strong when I break.
— Steve Tim Avid Marathon Runner
Dr. Karen has helped me with my rotator cuff problem. With her hands and exercises it has saved me from facing surgery.
— Steven Kessler Small Business Owner
For over a year I lived with chronic pain and was not able to move my neck over looking my shoulder. I can honestly say Dr. Shiu changed my life in just 3 weeks. With treatment and a complete change of my diet she has helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life.
— Leonarda Pas NYSC Administration
I have had pain for the last 7 years and Dr. Karen figured out what was wrong with me when nobody else could!
— Olya Bosworth Mother of 2